503 N Carlisle St
Albertville, AL 35951

Phone: (256) 891-1010

At one time, Domino’s menu was pretty much pizza. Today Domino’s offers a menu with a variety of dining options with fresh oven-baked sandwiches and Breadbowl Pastas. Side items include Buffalo Chicken Kickers and a selection of Hot Wings.
And now at Domino’s they say save room for dessert with Chocolate Lava Cakes or an order of Cinna Sticks.
Call your local Domino’s and get your order headed your way right away.

Pizza is an amazingly popular food. In just the US alone, pizza is a $35 billion a year industry. There are over 69,000 pizzerias in the US, selling approximately 350 slices of pizza per second! To put it in perspective, that’s 3 billion pizzas sold each year, with the average American eating 46 slices.

That’s where Domino’s comes in. Domino’s delivered over 400 million of those pizza’s last year. That’s just over one pizza for everyone in the US. Our delivery people drive more that 10 million miles every week to bring you the best pizza we can make. We operate over 9,000 pizza places in more than 60 countries dedicated to providing great tasting pizza for carryout or delivered to your door.


Check Out Our Gift Certificates At!  Click This Image!

Check Out Our Gift Certificates At! Click This Image!